Sponsor Showcase: La Mercerie

Jess from La Mercerie was one of the first people to get in touch with us as soon as we announced Seattle Frocktails, and we were absolutely delighted and touched that they were keen to get involved!


In their own words: “La Mercerie is an online, modern haberdashery for today's crafters, makers and artisans. We offer a curated selection of high quality fabrics, yarns, patterns and notions to help you build a handmade wardrobe. We strive to build a collection of both specialty and staple products that you won’t find everywhere else.”


We can only agree, as it’s impossible to visit La Mercerie and not find some little fabric gem or beautiful yarn that somehow makes its way into your virtual shopping basket. There’s a great selection of indie patterns and we also know that their ethos of creativity, as well as focusing on the quality of supplies in order to make handmade goods that last a lifetime, will strike a chord with crafters everywhere.


La Mercerie blew us away with their idea for Seattle Frocktails - which was to provide the actual goodie tote bags that every Seattle Frocktails attendee will take home with them! They are being printed as we speak and we can’t wait to fill them with all sorts of fun goodies! We’ll be revealing the design very soon, so stay tuned! ;)


Thank you so much to La Mercerie. We can’t wait to share a cocktail with you on October 20th!

Make sure you check out La Mercerie at:

Website: https://shoplamercerie.com/

Instagram: @shoplamercerie