Sponsor Showcase: Drygoods Design

Everyone on the Seattle Frocktails team has been to Drygoods Design multiple times and a good number of us have taken classes there too! Nestled amongst numerous stores and bars down in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district, Drygoods Design draws in both the passer-by and the sewist with intention, with its huge window-box store front. Inside, white walls are filled with a curated selection of fabrics, hand-picked notions, trims and yarn.

Drygoods Design-Logo Color web.jpg

Drygoods also offers the crafter a multitude of sewing, knitting and weaving classes to choose from - suitable for all levels of student - as well as a range of carefully-selected patterns and books.

drygoods 5.jpg

We’re delighted that Drygoods is joining in on the Seattle Frocktails fun and we can divulge that one lucky door prize winner will be walking away with a brand new pair of Kai shears as well as a $50 gift certificate, courtesy of Keli and the team! We don’t know what’s tougher - the blades of the shears or deciding what to spend that lovely gift certificate on! Ha!

Drygoods themselves say that “At Drygoods Design it's simple. We're about you, the customer, and finding delightful fabrics and goods. We don't carry every fabric or gift made, but if it is on our shelves, it means we love it and hope you will too!”. And believe us - when you go in, you’ll know exactly what they mean.

Thanks so much to Keli and the Drygoods team!

You can find out more about Drygoods Design through any of their media channels:

Website: http://www.drygoodsdesignonline.com

FB: @drygoodsdesign

IG: @drygoodsdesign

Twitter: @drygoodsdesign