Sponsor Showcase: Blackbird Fabrics

In the run-up to Frocktails on October 20 (PSA: get your tickets here!), we’ll be highlighting our wonderful sponsors here on the blog. We’re working with fabric stores, pattern designers and other sewing-related businesses both in the Pacific Northwest and further afield to source our door prizes and the contents of your goody-bags. And, just so you know, we’ve got some good stuff so far! ;-)

Blackbird Fabrics logo.jpg

First up, we’re profiling Blackbird Fabrics, a Vancouver (BC)-based online store which carries high quality, beautifully curated garment fabrics and supplies. They ship worldwide and offer fast and inexpensive shipping to the US, AND you can take advantage of their free swatch service to sample their fabrics! 

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Their fabrics really are gorgeous and with their focus on the garment sewist, you can often find things that are tough to source from the average big-name store. Check out Blackbird’s range of bamboo jerseys and Tencel twills, as well as their swimwear fabrics. If you fancy expanding your sewing skills, they’ve got you covered with indie patterns galore, lingerie hardware and fabrics, and jeans kits. 


And while we’re on the subject of jeans… We’re super-excited about the prize Blackbird have offered us for Frocktails. One lucky winner is going to walk away with a jeans-making bundle with everything you need to get started. The bundle contains: one cut of stretch denim, one cut of non-stretch denim, some hardware kits, matching thread, sewing needles, a tailor’s awl and a mini anvil for hammering those rivets! To be honest, it’s a shame the team isn’t eligible for the door prizes because we all want this one! If you win this prize, please show us what you make!!

Screenshot 2018-09-06 12.36.33.png

Want to know more about Blackbird Fabrics? Follow them here:

Website: www.blackbirdfabrics.com

Instagram: @blackbirdfabrics

Twitter: @blackbirdfabric

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackbirdfabrics