Event Spotlight: Venue and logistics

It’s not long until Seattle Frocktails!! Yippee! Are you excited? We certainly are!

We’ve already told you about our cocktails on Instagram and our menu here on the blog, but we also wanted to give you a few more details about the venue itself and what to expect.

Cedar Room 6.jpg

Cedar Room

As you know, the event is being held at the Cedar Room in Ballard, and we’re not exaggerating when we say this would have been a whole different event if we hadn’t come across this great venue. The Cedar Room took us by surprise with its inviting interior - the clever use of wood and stone feels cosy but classy; perfect for a cocktail reception, but not so stuffy you can’t let your hair down.

In addition to the ambience, we can’t say enough good things about the manager, Dave, who has been so accommodating. He’s been completely open to all our ideas and suggested quite a few of his own! So friendly and easy to work with - it’s been a pleasure! Please say a big hello to him when you see him on Saturday :)

Cedar Room 4.jpg


The Cedar Room is divided into standing room and several seated areas, so you should be able to rest your feet at some point if your fancy footwear gets to you! There’s a coat check at reception, which we will be manning all night and this is where you will pick up your drink and door prize draw tickets when you enter, as well as your goodie bag when you leave.

Cedar Room 1.jpg


The Seattle Frocktails event officially opens at 6pm and ends at 9pm. However, we have the space booked until 9.30pm, at which point the Cedar Room opens to the public and a DJ will start playing. All attendees are welcome to stay past 9pm if they wish to do so, although it would no longer be as part of Seattle Frocktails.

Parking and transport

The Cedar Room is located at the Leary Way end of Ballard. There tends to be some street parking in the area and the 40 bus runs right past the venue, if that’s an option for you. Do you know any other sewists in your area? Taking an Uber/Lyft or taxi can work out well pricewise if you rideshare with fellow attendees.


We will be posting a little more on the evening’s entertainment in the next few days, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to drop us a line using the contact form. We can’t wait to party with you next week!